5 Creative Ways To Use CBD Drops In Food

5 Creative Ways To Use CBD Drops In Food

By Claudia le Feuvre
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    Another day another drop.

    Well, not today…..

    Did you know there’s more than one way to enjoy CBD drops that are just as effective as putting them under the tongue?

    I’ve been playing around with using CBD drops in all sorts of ways, and I’m excited to share them with you today.

    In Coffee 

    I didn’t think my morning brew could get much better until I tried adding a couple of drops of CBD. Not only does it even the keel of my buzz, but the subtle earthiness really adds to the flavour of my fresh grounds.

    On a square of chocolate

    Just add a couple drops on top of your choc before you chomp. Cacao and CBD are like botanical bread and butter, complementary to each other.

    I’ll usually go for 70% dark choc or more, would highly recommend an Om Bar.

    In a salad dressing 

    CBD loves fat so it can be well absorbed, so what better company would olive oil and mayonnaise be!? Add in some vinegar as well and for extra anti-inflammatory power some freshly ground black pepper.

    Dessert anyone?

    Its just about time for the strawbugs and cream to come out to play. Add a couple of drops of CBD to your cream for an extra delight.


    I’ve seen a couple of studies compare sublingual CBD administration to what’s called buccal (washing around the mouth for absorption through the cheeks). Buccal resulted in higher blood levels of CBD. So you might like to try adding a couple of drops of CBD to a tablespoon of MCT/coconut/olive oil and giving it a swash around the mouth.

    Check out our range of oral drops here.

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