How To Choose The Right CBD Oil Strength

How To Choose The Right CBD Oil Strength

By Claudia le Feuvre
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    You may have noticed that CBD oil can come in different strengths or concentrations. With different variations to choose from, naturally this may leave you unsure of where to start.

    Choosing a strength is easy really, once you know the difference between each one.

    The only real difference is the concentration of CBD (and other secondary cannabinoids) in the oil, and how long different concentrations last based on the dose you choose.

    When it comes to dosing the CBD oil, you can still end up using the same doses, regardless of whether you are using a 2% or a 20% concentration.

    Since the amount of CBD needed for new users tends to be on the lower end of dosing, they can often start by using the less concentrated oils. 

    Here’s an example of how long 20mg/day lasts based on each concentration of 10ml oil with 200 drops per bottle.

    • 2% = 200mg Total CBD. Dosing at 20mg/day: 1mg CBD per drop. This oil lasts 10 days.
    • 5% = 500mg Total CBD. Dosing at 20mg/day: 2.5mg CBD per drop. This oil lasts 25 days.
    • 10% = 1000mg Total CBD. Dosing at 20mg/day: 5mg CBD per drop. This oil lasts 50 days.
    • 20% = 2000mg Total CBD. Dosing at 20mg/day: 10mg CBD per drop. This oil lasts 100 days.

    If after a few months of using the oil, you would like to increase the dose to 50mg/day then a 2% strength oil will only last 4 days. It really comes down to convenience, practicality and saving a few pounds as well.

    Mighty Green oral drops are in relative terms cheaper the higher the concentration gets. So for users taking higher daily doses, opting for the higher concentration oils means less refills, more convenience and saving more on costs.

    It really depends on the individual and what their circumstances are.

    Once an (estimated) dose is available, you can choose what strength oil will be the most convenient and cost effective – its that simple!

    So it really all depends on dose. There are several factors which influence the dose required by each individual.  You can read our protocol on: Getting Started With CBD



    Its simple, really. Choosing a strength of CBD oil depends on how long you want it to last. Start with a low concentration, play around with finding your optimal dose. Then you can figure out how to choose the most economical strengths for longer term use, and evolving dose requirements. 


    We are here to help. If you have any questions send us an email to . We are a team of health professionals and would be happy to advise you.



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