Commitment To Quality Control

Commitment To Quality Control

By Claudia le Feuvre
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    Another thing that makes Mighty Green CBD a cut above the rest is the commitment we hold to quality control. 

    Besides our good manufacturing process, we emphasise strict analytical testing for each and every batch of products we release. 

    It’s important to us that you can be assured you’re getting exactly what we promise with each and every product you buy from us. 

    Our promise is to deliver consistency across a broad spectrum of cannabinoids found in our products

    We use Phytovista Laboratories, which is regarded as the gold standard for analytical testing for CBD products in the UK. 

    Phytovista is leading the way for tighter regulation of cannabinoid products in the UK, by setting the standard for accurate analytical testing of cannabinoid contents. Their calibration methods are being used as the benchmark for accurate analysis of major cannabinoids like CBD and THC. 

    The EU and UK CBD markets have seen large discrepancies in advertised cannabinoid contents versus those actually contained within products. This is in part because of a lack of standardisation around analytical testing, with different laboratories using different methods of calibration for their equipment. 

    CBD content can be misclassified by as much as 30% than is stated on lab reports (1), making it harder for consumers to use accurate and measured doses of CBD. 

    This is even more important in the case of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid which is also a controlled substance. Similar misclassification of THC content within CBD products across the UK and EU is prevalent (1), which exposes consumers to unwitting intoxication. Some CBD products have been exposed as having exceeded the safe and legal doses of THC, which is partly down to inaccurate laboratory analysis. 

    We take THC concentrations very seriously and ensure safety around this issue in a few key ways. 

    Our hemp-derived CBD is naturally devoid of THC, ensuring from the start that we are working with low THC cultivars of Cannabis Sativa plants. 

    We rely on Phytovista, with their gold standard detection methods that our products contain well below the legal classification of THC levels (<0.2%). In fact, we aim to achieve content well below even the legal limits. You’ll find no more than 0.05% THC content across all of our products.

    By pairing ourselves with Phytovista, we can be confident we are consistently delivering both safe and therapeutic grade CBD products. 

    You can find a certificate of analysis for each product on our website, under their respective product pages. Reports are updated after every new batch of products. 


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