About Us

Mighty Green is formed of a team of medical and wellbeing professionals, on a mission to help you achieve balance and wellness, naturally.

Health and wellness are fundamental for a happy and fulfilling life. Our top-quality, plant-based products and broad scientific expertise are here to help you live your very best life.
Claudia le Feuvre
Nutritional Therapist. Co-Founder
Eating Psychology Coach and founder of Mighty Green. With 16 years clinical nutrition experience, Claudia also lectures at The British College of Nutrition and the Nutritional Healing Foundation.  Since discovering CBD through her clients, she has become an expert and educator on CBD to both the public and fellow health professionals.
Dr Ryan Morrow
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Leading the company's analytical testing, quality assurance and compliance for Cannabidiol (CBD) products as well as all product innovation. Ryan has had a significant career in pharmaceutical industry and 11 years in academia developing novel polymeric devices for delivering HIV vaccines. Ryan holds a Degree in Chemistry and PhD from the School of Pharmacy from Queens University Belfast.
Dr Shereen Saleh
General Practitioner
Having trained and Qualified from Imperial College London (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital). Dr Shereen likes to use alternative and natural therapies where appropriate and her ethos is ‘prevention is better than cure’. Dr Shereen is also trained in Functional Medicine.
Jayne Ridley
Kath Temple MSc
A warm, inspiring, highly trusted MSc International Success Psychologist, Mentor, Executive Coach, Master Trainer and gifted Therapist – known as The Jedi. As a Psychologist, the Mind is my jurisdiction, and I am fascinated about those things that have a positive effect upon it. I call CBD God’s own health oil for humans – from nature’s natural miracle plant.
Richard Callender
Personal Trainer & Fitness Presenter
Richard is a multi-award winning trainer who has been part of the fitness industry for well over two decades. He is one of the UK’s most popular mixed discipline fitness professionals. He is well known for ITV’s The Biggest Loser and regular appearances on This Morning.

Our Purpose

We want to make a difference to people’s lives, in one of the most meaningful ways we can – their health. Our health is our greatest wealth. Without it, life’s a drag and rife with suffering. Great health makes everything in this world more enjoyable. A happy life is a healthy one, and we want to change people’s experiences of life at the very core, by helping them achieve vibrant and lasting health.

Our Mission

In order to fulfil our purpose, our mission is to make CBD accessible to as many people as we can. We aim to do this by educating the public with bitesized information on CBD, and its incorporation into a healthy lifestyle. We ensure our oils are priced competitively, giving our customers access to the highest quality products that don’t break the bank.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people can achieve health through herbs, supported by complimentary practices and lifestyle choices.

Our Education

Up until now CBD has been consumer-driven. We are on a mission to share the latest research and help educate health professionals. It can be difficult to source credible information on CBD and how to use it in clinical practice. Mighty Green has written books and developed training for PTs, nutritionists, GPs, massage therapists, and coaches.

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