Can CBD help with sleep?

Can CBD help with sleep?

By Claudia le Feuvre
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    “I feel a lot more settled, calm, and less anxious’.

    Click here to watch Suzanne’s Story and read on as we share with you all you need to know about CBD and sleep (along with some tried and tested products)


    Can CBD help with sleep?

    The importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be overemphasised. So often we stay up late trying to squeeze in everything we can, from finishing off work, spending time with friends, tidying the house, getting the kids ready for their day tomorrow – only to wake up feeling tired and rundown.

    We toss and turn in bed, replaying the events of the day, week or even month. Our brains end up wired up until midnight, while our bodies lay there exhausted.

    Study after study has shown the importance of regular, deep restful sleep as a part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Experts recommend adults sleep at least seven to nine hours each night for your body to work optimally.

    Experiencing a lack of sleep can affect everything from our brain cognition to immune function and even impact our mental health. Ongoing sleep deficiencies are also linked to a number of high-risk health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

    New research has found that using CBD for sleep may help boost relaxation. So let’s explore how CBD can help turn those dreams of a good night’s sleep into a reality.


    CBD for Sleep

    In recent years CBD has been making a name for itself, from helping to support with depression and anxiety to relieving muscular and joint pain to name a few. CBD has also been shown to support with a restful night sleep due to its calming benefits.

    CBD is commonly used as a natural sleep remedy, helping to regulate your body’s natural sleep cycle, promoting a restful night’s sleep, due to its calming effects on the body and mind.


    From an expert: How does CBD oil work?

    Claudia le Feuvre, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Lecturer at the British College of Nutrition says, “We know very well that anxiety and stress can contribute to sleep problems such as insomnia and that CBD can effectively reduce these symptoms, and therefore improve our quality of sleep. There’s also emerging research showing how CBD can increase the REM cycle of sleep.”

    Claudia continues to mention that research has shown that CBD works effectively to target the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) – the body’s network system. The ESC system is like a computer that sends signals to our brain and nervous system, and it acts as the main source of control to restoring balance in our bodies from sleep to mood and even our immune system. It’s pretty amazing, hey?


    A personal experience:

    Most of us can say we’ve had periods in our life where we’ve not been able to get a good night’s sleep. It is becoming all too common as the demands of life take a toll, effecting the one thing we need to function properly in our waking life – sleep.

    Here at Mighty Green, we heard about Suzanne’s battles where she reported having over 12 years of sleepless nights. Suzanne mentioned that after having children she found that she was up several times a night. This was having a detrimental impact on her health and wellbeing. Most nights she said, “I’d struggle to sleep up to 2 hours at the most.”

    We knew we needed to help and support Suzanne back on her journey to a restful night’s sleep, which she so truly deserves.

    Click here to watch Suzanne’s video as she explains her experience with our mighty CBD sleep kit The Sleep Essentials.


    The Sleep Essentials

    We’ve created a 21-day interactive programme to help you finally regain control of your sleep. We’ve partnered with health experts where you will receive access to sleep training, such as hypnosis, meditations, stretches and more. The Sleep Essentials contains full sized premium products to help you relax and to support you on your journey to better sleep.



    “And once I lay my head on the pillow, I’m gone in 15 minutes. I feel a lot more settled, calm, and less anxious.” – Suzanne.


    Final thoughts

    Many of our customers rave about how CBD for pain relief and sleep has been an amazing additional to their daily routine. We know that everybody experiences CBD uniquely, and make sure you take the time to observe how your body feels after you start experimenting with different products from our muscle balms to our oral drops. Take this message as a chance to slow down and to make some time for you. Your future self will thank you.










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