Does CBD help with anxiety?

Does CBD help with anxiety?

By Ollie Brightman
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    CBD oil has a wide range of benefits, from treating pain, to reducing stress, and even supporting a good night’s sleep.

    However, did you know that CBD can be used for anxiety too?

    Whether you’re having difficulty concentrating, feeling exhausted or if you want to feel better during the day, here’s how CBD oil can help you feel less anxious.

    CBD for anxiety: the research

    Another study showed that people who took CBD experienced less anxiety than people who took a placebo.

    CBD has also been used to cure specific forms of anxiety, including post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder.

    How does CBD oil help with anxiety?

    You may have heard of the happy hormone, ‘Serotonin.’ Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in our bodies which plays a role in our mood and emotions. Low levels of serotonin are commonly associated with anxiety and depression.

    Studies have shown that CBD can affect how our brain responds to the serotonin in our systems, producing anti-anxiety effects.

    While results can vary from person to person, we’ve found that CBD oil can help take the edge off of events that typically make us feel anxious. We still feel like ourselves, but better.

    What dose and strength of CBD oil should I take for anxiety?

    We’re often asked what dose of CBD oil to take, as there are different strengths of CBD oil available. 

    Here at Mighty Green, we have 2% drops, 5% drops, 10% drops and 20% drops – everything from low strength to high strength!

    Two people could take the same amount of CBD and experience different effects. We always recommend starting low and gradually working your way up until you hit that sweet spot. 

    Find out more about which CBD strength is right for you.

    How do I take CBD oil for anxiety?

    The best way to take CBD oil for anxiety is to put a few drops under your tongue, and to hold it between 30-60 seconds. 

    This is the most effective way, as your body readily absorbs the oil into your bloodstream and it will take effect quicker. 

    CBD oil can taste a little bitter, especially if you’re not used to the flavour. So as well as original flavour, we also have CBD containing a blend of sweet orange –  a tasty way to start your natural remedy journey.

    If you don’t want to put it straight in your mouth, you can add CBD oil to a smoothie or coffee. You can even bake it into a cookie or brownie if you’re craving a sweet treat!


    Remember, if you’re not sure which type of CBD oil is right for you, or you’re not sure how to take it, we’re here to help. Don’t be afraid to send us an email or give us a call.

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