Meet Dr Shereen talking about CBD


We caught up with the amazing Dr Shereen Saleh about CBD. Have a watch, or the transcript is below.


Dr. Shereen:

Hi, I’m Dr. Shereen. I’m a specialist GP and a Functional Medicine Practitioner. And, today, I’d like to talk about CBD.


What are the benefits of CBD?

Dr. Shereen:

It’s easy to use, it’s accessible, there’s no side effects, it’s safe, and it’s versatile.


What do you love about CBD?

Dr. Shereen:

I love the versatility of it. It’s really easy to use either as a balm, or you can use it in drops, and it’s accessible to everyone.


What’s your favourite CBD product?

Dr. Shereen:

This one! It’s CBD with arnica Bliss Balm, and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s easy to use. It smells lovely. And I use it for any muscle pains, aches, injuries. And the ingredients of CBD and arnica are just a great synergistic blend.


Why do you love Mighty Green products?

Dr. Shereen:

I love Mighty Green products because they’re pure, clean and made with love. And, to put in a little bit extra, they’re well-researched, and they’re made with the best ingredients. You can’t get better than Mighty Green.


What makes Mighty Green different?

Dr. Shereen:

Mighty Green is different because it’s created by professionals using the highest quality ingredients. We have a support center and that helps people get the most out of their products.


This is the Mighty Green
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