Is CBD safe and what is the guidance?

Is CBD safe and what is the guidance?

By Claudia le Feuvre
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    As health professionals, we get asked about CBD a lot, and we’re always on the front lines to bring our clients and colleagues the latest scientific and clinical developments with CBD.

    Safety is just as important as efficacy when it comes to any health intervention, which is why we have done our homework on CBD, and share our insights with fellow practitioners and health institutions, to ensure the welfare of their clients as well.

    If you’re a health practitioner, be sure to sign up to learn all about how to use CBD in clinical practice, and for special offers for you and your clients.

    CBD is catching on quickly and is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

    Whilst its effectiveness has spread through word of mouth, it’s important to also consider its safe use and any special considerations.

    Several reputable authorities have provided a stance on CBD, which Claudia covers in the video below. You can find more info below the video. 

    World Health Organisation

    In 2017, a detailed report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans and is not associated with any public health effects.

    It goes on to say that, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”


    The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) also removed CBD from its banned substances list in 2017. Athletes can now use CBD, but must still be careful to monitor small levels of THC in CBD products.


    EPIDYOLEX (cannabidiol) has been recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

    EPIDYOLEX is a pharmaceutical preparation of CBD, which has the approval to be marketed as a medicine.

    Food Standards Agency

    The FSA has outlined that based on early research, that healthy adults do not exceed more than 70mg a day of CBD.

    People with pre-existing medical conditions who take other medications may need to consider more personalised doses under the guidance of their GP. CBD affects the way some other medications work, so dosing and timing require special consideration by an individual under the care of a health professional.

    Is CBD safe in Pregnancy?

    Whilst governing health bodies have declared the overall safety of CBD, there are special considerations when it comes to pregnancy.

    Studies in animals have found that cannabinoids play role in brain development. It is still unknown whether CBD may have an impact on the growth and development of a foetal brain, which is why its advised against using CBD during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    Is CBD safe for Under 18’s?

    Brain development continues through adolescence into the late teens and early twenties. Whist the major infrastructure of the brain has already been laid in childhood, further, development is still underway.

    There are cases where CBD is safe and effective in children, which are sadly afflicted by epilepsy and other conditions (1). However, in otherwise healthy children, it may be worth waiting for long term studies on how CBD affects brain development in children and adolescents.

    Our Oils

    Mighty Green CBD oils are derived from hemp, which is about as safe as it gets. Hemp-derived CBD naturally contains very little THC, which means there is no risk for intoxication. That means all the goodness of CBD without the THC.

    Our oils are lab tested to show they contain accurate levels of CBD, so they can be precisely dosed and used with confidence and accuracy. You’ll also see the THC is well below the legal requirements.

    Mighty Green CBD oils are also plentiful in other safe and legal cannabinoids like CBD. They work together with CBD as a team to provide greater therapeutic effects than if it (CBD) was given alone. That means that MG oils can be effective even at low doses (10-20mg), which is well below the daily levels outlined by the FSA.


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