In The Press

We are always happy to share our thoughts with journalists and the press. It’s part of our mission as health experts to help educate and share information about CBD.


Here are some of the publications we feature in:


  • Goodtoknow : How To Cure a Hangover: Best Ways to Get Rid of A Hangover Fast that Really Work

CBD can be added to the list of hangover helpers. Learn in what ways CBD can help alleviate a hangover. Click here to read more.


  • Nutrition iMag : Guide to CBD – a discussion.

CBD products have grown to prominence in recent years but how should Nutritional Therapists approach their application in clinic? And what can we expect from a regulatory perspective. Here we have gathered a panel of industry experts to discuss the current situation. Click here to read more


  • Leaf Report : What’s the latest in CBD infused foods?

How does the addition of CBD to edibles affect our bodies? Click here to read more


  • The Vegan Review : Medicinal Roots

Scroll down to ‘Dividing plants from derivatives’ to learn about the entourage effect. Click here to read more


For press enquiries please contact claudia@mightygreen.co.uk

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