Getting Started with CBD

Getting Started with CBD

By Claudia le Feuvre
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    If you’re new to CBD, getting started can seem like a tall order. You may be wondering, what strength do I need, what dose do I take? How often do I take it?

    All great questions, and once you get clear on these, using CBD can be as easy as making your morning cup of tea or coffee.

    Choose a Strength

    We’ve written a full post on choosing a strength here. But I’ll explain the concept in a little detail now.

    We offer four different strengths of CBD:

    • 2% = 200mg of CBD per bottle = 1mg of CBD per drop
    • 5% = 500mg of CBD per bottle = 2.5mg of CBD per drop
    • 10% = 1000mg of CBD per bottle = 5mg of CBD per drop
    • 20% = 2000mg of CBD per bottle = 10mg of CBD per drop

    Basically, the only difference between a 2% and a 20% is the amount of time it will last you. If you decide to take a daily dose of 20mg CBD, then it’s the same dose no matter what strength you use. It’s just the number of drops that you will need to take will vary depending on which strength you choose. At this 20mg dose the 2% will last 10 days and the 20% will last 100 days.

    So it all depends on whether you are a new user taking lower doses, or a veteran user taking higher doses.

    Introduce CBD: Start Low and Go Slow

    If you’re new to CBD then you’ll want to take it nice and slow to begin with. Since your body’s endocannabinoid system has never met with CBD, it requires a gentle and gradual introduction to slowly activate the receptors.

    Its kind of like a first date. Take it nice and easy.

    After a short and incremental ‘getting to know’ you process, your body will become accustomed to the interaction CBD has with it. Its after this period that you could start to explore higher doses. (The FSA recommend upper daily limit of 70mg/day)

    Here’s what that looks like:

    Day 1-5

    Day 6-10

    After Day 10

    5mg AM

    10mg AM

    > 10mg AM

    5mg PM

    10mg PM

    > 10mg PM

    Long Term Dosage

    You can find this full post on how to work out your ideal dose, by performing a dose discovery exercise on yourself.

    Basically after you’ve introduced your body to CBD, you can start to be a little more flexible to how much you take and how often you take it.

    Its all about documenting your experiences based on how you’re currently using CBD. The concept is simple – just keep upping the dose gradually until you find your desired level of effect.

    We’ve developed a tracking sheet so that you can document your experience(s) in response to how much CBD you’re taking, and when you’re taking it. (You can email us for it)

    This way you get an idea of what doses work for you, and at what times of day the CBD works best for your body. So now you have an idea of what your ideal dose and frequency of use is for your own particular needs and preferences.

    Tracking is essential to this process, as you can tie together the responses you get from how much and how often you use CBD.

    Experiment with How You Use It

    We’ve developed some of the most bioavailable CBD out there, so our drops are great to use on their own. But you may like to also try using the drops in other ways too, like in cooking or your favourite hot beverage.

    Check out a few different ways of using CBD here.

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