Coffee with a cause

In these unprecedented times, where many of us may have lost our way, we still have great coffee to reassure us and give us some sense of normality. 

Even though we can’t go out to our favourite coffee spots for now, or connect with our friends over a cup of joe, we can still enjoy great coffee at home. Now more than ever is our daily brew keeping us grounded in ritual and routine, a very important part of staying sane in a world of lockdown where weekdays blend into weekends. 

If you’re a coffee connoisseur then you’ll know all about various blends, roasts and origins. These nuances are what make sourcing and enjoying great coffee, well……so great. 

But here’s a coffee curveball I bet you didn’t see coming, and it’s about to take your love and appreciation for it to a whole new level. Here at Mighty Green we’re not just about any old coffee; we’re all about coffee with a cause.


Well, it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway) that we love great tasting coffee, that’s also responsibly grown and sourced. Thats a given. But here’s where the real magic is added to our bodacious brews……..

We’ve been working with a pharmacist in Italy who is as fanatical about coffee as we are, maybe even more so! The idea was to formulate our coffees for a specific function in mind, whether that be for boosting energy for fitness, or getting a little naughty with your partner in the evening. If thats your bag, then be sure to try our sensual coffee

That’s how coffees with a cause was born, out of the need to meet everyone’s unique and dynamic needs throughout the day. Now there really is a way to enjoy a coffee for almost every occasion. 

With the help of our pharmacist friend, our nutritionists put their heads together to formulate each brew with added botanical ingredients, with unique functional properties. 

Lets say its leg day at the gym, and you know you want to bring your A game. This day is always a killer, and sometimes you’ve gotta dig deep to push through. This is a perfect time to reach for a cup of fitness coffee, which has complimentary botanical ingredients that help support a game changing workout. 

Amongst many of the ingredients is Liquorice root. This is a popular staple in Ayurvedic Medicine, because of its ability to support the body’s hormonal equilibrium against stress. If you’re giving it hell in the gym, then that’s a real stressor to the body. Rhodiola is another ingredient which acts in a similar way, and supports enhanced energy production for that extra edge. 

It’s not just about what’s going on during the workout, but also afterwards in the recovery phase. That’s why you’ll also find turmeric in the formula. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory activity, its the perfect thing to aid sore and recovering muscles (especially after leg day). 

That’s just one example of our functional formulas. We’ve been mighty busy, so there’s plenty more where that came from. Each formula is also rich in antioxidants, which help wholeheartedly defend the body against cellular damage and ageing. 

Our hemp seed coffee is also not one to miss. Not only is it a smooth and nutty flavour, but the omega-fatty acids in hemp seeds are a bounty of health giving harmony for good heart and metabolic health.

The coffee itself is something special in its own right. Its grown in the hills of rural Italy, in a fully natural way. So as well as having a cause, its also some of the freshest, great tasting coffee around. 

We’ve also made it super easy to enjoy our full range of coffee. You can get each blend as either ground coffee or Nespresso pods, whatever is most convenient for you. 

We’re offering all of our coffee as part of a special bundle, so you may enjoy a coffee for all moods throughout the day (sorry we don’t have one for cabin fever, but our CBD blend might help). 

If caffeine or coffee isn’t your thing, we’ve still got you covered; try our fitness barley coffee (caffeine free).


You can get all 5 of our ground coffees for over half off!










Or a set of 4 for the Nespresso pods.

These are flying off the shelves faster than toilet paper, so be sure to get your bundle whilst stocks last. 


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